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Welcome to the Humane Society of the Flint Hills

We Care About Animals (and we know you do too) Here’s another way you can help.

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This week’s Pets of the Week:


Mikey is just one of our many kittens that are available for adoption. As you can see, he is adorable and would make a great addition to your family. Come check out Mikey and all of his kitten friends.


Look at those ears! What an adorable little guy. He is friendly and hoping that someone will fall in love with him and take him home. Kenny would love to go home with you.  Are you the individual that is going to give him at second chance?


How the Humane Society of the Flint Hills is working with local law enforcement to protect animals from abuse and neglect. >>Read More


One of the ways that we help is through the education of pet owners and the general public. Education is the best prevention. >>Read More


Our organization helps pet owners and prospective pet owners keep informed about the care and well being of their animals. >>Read More


Banner image courtesy of Dave Leiker http://www.prairiedust.net/