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This week’s Pets of the Week:


Hello! I have been told that I’m a handsome little man with medium long hair. I have a pretty interesting story. When the great people at the shelter brought me here, I was not a happy fellow. In fact, a lot of the people here thought it would be a long time before I ever warmed up to people. But, surprise! It turns out that I was just really scared and unsure of what was going on. It only took a very nice lady to work with me to bring out my personality and to let me know that I had absolutely nothing to fear. As it turns out, I am SUPER affectionate. When you first meet me, I might seem shy, but just talk to me for a couple seconds and I warm up to you super quick! It just seems like I can’t get enough love and attention. Oh, I am SO excited to meet you. I love attention so much I like to gently grab your hand in order to get more head rubs! This won’t be just a “take” relationship, I have a lot to give. For example, I love to serenade you with my loud purr and love to make pudding on you! I don’t have a name yet, so won’t you purr-please come down to the Emporia Animal Shelter and give me the purrfect name and purrfect home?


Hi! Hi! Hi! I’m a sweet Dalmatian mix. The workers here think that I recently had a litter of babies, so that’s why my tummy looks a little different. You know what, I’m just going to come out and say it. I am the perfect dog! I will be super easy to train, I don’t bark, and I’m very affectionate and sweet. Plus, look how cute I am! What more could you want? I want to be where ever you are. If you‘re cooking in the kitchen, I’ll be there. Maybe you like to sit on the couch and like to read or watch TV, I’ll be there too! I will be the bestest, most wonderfulest friend you have ever had! I have SO much love to give, and because of that, I would prefer to be the only dog in the house. I might be picky about being around other dogs, but I absolutely love everyone I meet. Come to the shelter today, and once you meet me in person, I’m sure you will fall right in love. Puppy hugs and kisses, until we meet soon!
I love you!


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